Why You Should Always Have A Jar Of Peanut Butter Handy

Peanut Butter Jar

Children and adults alike, are big fans of peanut butter!

A jar of peanut butter is a versatile, handy food item. It can be used instantly with many food items, including sandwiches, soup, cookies, or consumed straight out of the jar. Most people already know how to get the maximum nutritional value of peanut butter. Here are some tried and tested ways you can enjoy peanut butter that are simple, quick, and easy.

  1. Use as a dip

Peanut butter makes a fantastic dip for a wide range of spicy dishes. In India, many people prefer spicy foods. Natural peanut butter is a tasty way to reduce acidity and introduces an unconventional flavour to traditional cooking. Combine it with coconut milk and chilli sauce to whip up a killer savoury dip instantly. It can also be used as a palate cleanser with celery and carrot sticks, or apple and pear sticks. You can also consume it as a dessert dip with s’mores, cookies, pretzels, crackers, fudge, etc.

  1. Use as a binding agent

Granola bars, oatmeal bars, dry fruit bars, or a mixture of all these can be blended gracefully with peanut butter. It not only enhances the flavour, but also increases its nutritional value. It helps to cut down unhealthy fat and fills you up quicker.

  1. To make bland food better

Mix a spoonful of natural peanut butter into your oatmeal or blend it into your smoothies and milkshakes. It will improve the texture by lending a creamy base to your breakfast and provide about 9 gms of protein to keep hunger pangs at bay.

You can also add peanut butter to your salads and soup in order to cut down portion sizes while feeling full more quickly, thus preventing you from overeating or binge eating. You can also get creative with different types of fillings for sandwiches by adding natural peanut butter to them. A grilled peanut butter sandwich is the food of the Gods!

  1. Use in making desserts

Natural peanut butter can be mixed with a lot of dessert-based ingredients like dry noodles, bread, etc. but its most creative use comes in the form of natural and vegan ice cream. It is quick to make and can be stored easily. It tastes brilliant with mashed bananas, rice Krispies, butterscotch, chocolate chips, and a variety of other desserts.

Do you know any other peanut butter hacks that can enhance the fun of satiating your taste buds with it? Let us know!

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