These freshly baked WHOLE WHEAT CROISSANTS WITH CASHEW BUTTER & GRANOLA are perfectly crispy yet soft and moist with the cashew butter piping adding the desired amount of richness!


250g wheat flour

7g yeast

30g coconut sugar

75g water

50g milk

120g melted better

5g salt

125g butter block

Unsweetened Cashew Butter for piping

Granola for topping


1.Add wheat flour, yeast, coconut sugar, water and milk to a container.

2.Mix all the ingredients to form a dough. Add melted butter and salt.

3.Give the dough a rectangular shape, laminate and freeze it.Repeat and keep the dough cold at all times.

4.Sift flour on both sides of the dough and sheet the dough using a rolling pin.

5.Place butter block in the middle and roll again.

6.Cut triangles of 9cm * 30 cm. Roll them and allow to proof for about 3 hours.

7.Bake at 175C for 12 min. Allow to cool and pipe the cashew butter on top.

8.Sprinkle some granola. Enjoy!


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