Today Is A Good Day To Reset Your Health Goals

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Yes, we’re always neck-deep in work, absorbed in a busy routine and a tad bit frustrated as life often takes over our healthy-living promises.

Wait a sec… It is possible to live by the motto ‘Every day is a new beginning and it’s never to late to reset health goals’. We’ve come up with convincing ways to keep your healthy streak going.

  • Weekly meal planning

One of the first steps to eating healthy is controlling your eating habits. Meal planning is an excellent way to control your last-minute scavenging and ordering takeaway meals, as your daily meals are planned and prepared, for the entire week.

A little thought put into meal planning, means half the job is done. Try to include a variety of fresh veggies, fruits and whole grains to make sure you’re receiving the much-needed nutrition. Nuts and superfoods are essential. Hemp, chia, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts and raisins are just some of the different options to be included in your daily diet.

  • Skip unhealthy foods completely

Shun the unhealthy sugars, oils and butter, and include healthy alternatives such as honey and nut butter. You can easily bring some flair to the simple sandwich by adding a bit of richness with the flavours and textures of nut butters such as almond butter. You might be wondering, ‘is almond butter healthy’? No surprises; it is packed with vitamins and nutrients that boost health. For the evening snack, avoid packaged and fried foods. Replace them with nuts and homemade energy bars or fresh fruits. This is a nutritiously convenient way of getting your energy revived, through the day.

  • Exercise and keep yourself charged

Make sure you include at least 45 minutes of exercise daily. This excludes the short breaks for stretches and movement from your work-desk. Cardio, strength and stamina building exercises are essential. This means you will need to make an extra effort by hitting the gym or going for a swim in the pool or going for a short run every morning.

  • Energize yourself in between workouts

Next, your body will need enough energy and nutrition to keep up with your daily exercise regime. Make sure you include a healthy balance of carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals. If you are the types who can survive on energy bars, you will definitely love the ones that provide an extra boost of nourishing superfoods. Make your own energy bars for the between-workout energy needs. An easy way to include nutrition and taste is by adding a spoonful of healthy peanut butter to your energy bars.

  • Have a holistic approach

A holistic approach to your health goals would mean you follow a daily system and routine that integrates all the factors affecting your health – physical, mental and emotional. The food you eat, the environment you create around you and the physical activities you involve yourself in, all contribute to your overall health and are interlinked with each other. Having a holistic approach to your lifestyle requires you to accept personal responsibility. Every time you feel like skipping your daily exercise regime, you need to think about your ultimate health goal. Feel the craving to eat some junk food? Ask yourself if it’s worth undoing the hard work you’ve put yourself through.

Finally, start today. Make sure you cut down on all your bad habits that aren’t making your body feel happy and healthy. And get, set, go! We’d love to hear about your healthy routine ideas too, so do write in to share them with others.

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