The Plant-Based Food That Celebrities Love

The easy answer to this question would be with great relish, incredible gusto and without a care in the world. However, we understand that this would be a tad bit too short. After all, we have mentioned celebrities which means that you are now equally excited to know how your favourite stars devour their nut butter while still managing to look and feel healthy all the time.

Well, some have this incredibly healthy food as a part of their healthy breakfast recipes. Others have it as a healthy snack especially when they are craving something decadent. Some have it because they are constantly trying to balance their organic diet, while the others love it because the no preservative, sugar-free butter has numerous health benefits that show on their systems.

Celebrities like us mortal human beings also have different flavour profiles and taste palates. Some are more quirky than the rest while others prefer to have their nut butter in a more traditional manner. Diljit Dosanjh, the popular movie star & rock star from Punjab, loves his unsweetened peanut butter from the Butternut Company with a smattering of his favourite jelly in a sandwich that spells healthy and yummy eating goals all at once.

While Diljit makes waves in Bollywood with his quirky style, Shreyas Iyer, India’s next-generation middle-order mainstay likes to keep this nut butter consumption even simpler. He prefers to apply his favourite unsweetened almond butter on an apple and loves the idea of the nutrition and the extra pack of energy that this provides.
Shenaz Tresurywala has been given us legit excuses to want to lead her life as the host of a travel blog that sees her jet off to exotic locations, stay in exotic hotel and resort rooms and eat exotic local fare wherever she is staying. Did we mention the word exotic by the way? Shenaz too loves her unsalted almond butter albeit the creamier version, on a piece of ripe banana. She loves how the butter balances the sweetness of the banana while giving her bursts of energy through the day to handle her schedules.

Parineeti Chopra’s biggest claim to fame is the seamless and affectionate acting style that has made her India’s sweetheart and helped her to emerge from the shadow of her far more illustrious cousin. Her nut butter eating habits are as revolutionary as her acting methods and she just can never get enough of the almond and peanut butter from the Butternut Company.

Abhishek Nayar the retired IPL and India cricket team star and now one of the best cricket coaches and Mentors in Indian cricket. Abhishek from his eating choices is also clearly a bit of a healthy food aficionado. What else would you call a person who eats his Peanut Butter Honey with Cranberries, Blueberries and Greek Yoghurt? We must give this a try sometime.

From the glitzy world of international sport to the even glitzier world of professional entertainment, we have Sanjana Muthreja, Indias number 1 belly dancer teacher and Tahitian instructor to the top Bollywood stars and Bollywood gen-next like Ananya Pandey, Suhana Khan, Jhanvi Kapoor the list goes on. Sanjana can never get enough of her pumpkin seeds on toast all made more palatable with a generous dollop of our organic peanut butter crafted with tender loving care

While we have a whole list of celebrities who have identified the health and taste benefits of sticking to natural nut butter we thought we’d save the best for last. Our final celebrity on this list is famed to have the third most important job in India after the President and the Prime Minister. He is known to have a temper that is fuelled with passion, aggression, energy and commitment to the cause. And just by the way he is also known to have a few thousand runs to his name in international cricket. We are, of course, talking about Team India Captain, an inspiration to all and a role model of most, Virat Kohli. Yes, Virat loves his nut butter and takes them religiously with him on tour with the same love and care as to how he would treat his favourite willow.

So there you go. A list of different celebrities, from different walks of life, and different theatres of performance, coming together in one place to help you understand the many good effects that nut butter will have on your body as well. We’re assuming that after reading this you will be in a hurry to place a few phone calls and have your favourite flavours brought home to you. Wait a minute, do we hear our phones ringing? 

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