Sugar: It’s Harmful Effects & How You Can Avoid Them

Sugar Awareness Week 2020
STOP! Before you add that additional scoop of sugar to your coffee or eat another cookie as a side, you might want to consider it’s harmful effects on your overall wellbeing.

To pay tribute to Sugar Awareness Week we talk about why it’s bad, where it’s hiding and recommendations on how you can curb your intake. Plus a simple sugar challenge to measure your self-control!

Why is it bad?
Apart from the obvious effect of adding excess calories to your day, consuming a large quantity of sugar can also cause weight gain, risk of cardiovascular disease, increased diabetes risk, mood swings, energy slumps, accelerated ageing and much more. All the while providing nearly zero nutritional benefits.

Where is it hiding?
1. In anything flavored: Flavored drinks, coffees and fruit juices that may sound healthy – usually contain a LOT of added sugar.

2. In packaged foods: Many packaged foods generally contain concealed sugar to help preserve it for long periods of time. Try to eat only fresh foods or natural and organic packaged foods.

3. In diet foods: Run a mile from anything labeled ‘diet’. These foods often contain a hidden variant of your regular sugar.

4. In restaurant dishes: Ever wondered why you can’t make the same ‘tomato pasta’ your favorite restaurant makes, at your own home? The answer is sugar. Many restaurant preparations contain added sugar as a flavor enhancer. Always ask your chef before ordering.

How can you curb your sugar intake?
No, you don’t need to totally remove sugar from your eating regimen, rather you can simply consume sugar with some restraint.

Here are a few ways in which you can reduce your sugar consumption and truly appreciate that incidental sweet treat, without agonizing over the harm it causes!

• Pass on the beverages loaded up with sugar: Soft drinks, lemonades, many packaged juices and pre-prepared beverages, including flavored coffees, all contain high volumes of sugar. Instead stick to infused waters or homemade no added sugar lemonade. Or better yet – plain and simple water!

• Read nutrition labels: This is something we highly recommend. A quick scan of the product label often reveals the sugar it contains. Look for sugar and its synonyms in the ingredient list. And when opting for something sweet pick natural sweeteners like jaggery, honey or dates!

• Choose healthier nibbles: Rather than going after a piece of candy or treat when you have a hankering for desserts, pick a fresh fruit or natural unsweetened food like nut butter. They will generally have the natural sweetness you need, and will not contain high measures of sugar.

Take the Sugar Challenge
Suddenly reducing your sugar intake may appear to be a challenging and daunting task. Which is why we urge you to partake in an easy 5-day sugar challenge.

It’s easy! During the 5-day sugar challenge, simply say ‘no’ to all sugar. Utilizing the recommendations given above, you will have the option to drastically lessen the measure of sugar you consume by practicing this easy challenge.

After the 5-day challenge has finished, you will be shocked at the fact that it wasn’t that hard to reduce your consumption of sugar, and you will also become aware of all the hidden sources of sugar around you. With the realization that it is so simple to find concealed sugar around, you will have the option to do it all the time!

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