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Buy Delicious Chocolate Spreads Online in India

Whether you are searching for crunchy chocolate spreads or creamy chocolate spreads, we offer you the widest selection of best chocolate spread in India at the most affordable prices. Not only is our organic chocolate spread tasty, but it is also a healthier option compared to the other chocolate spreads available online. Enriched with hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts, our chocolate spread is made with naturally-rich cocoa powder and coconut sugar - ensuring a decadent, guilt-free experience. The best part, there is no artificial preservatives, colours or sugar added to it, which makes the healthiest choice for everyday use.

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To provide your kids with wholesome nourishment, you can mix it in milk or add it to smoothies. You can also drizzle it on pancakes or spread it on toast/rotis for a delicious breakfast. What’s more, you can use this organic chocolate spread to make yummy cakes for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, which makes it the most delightful and versatile treat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best chocolate spread?
Chocolate is a sweet treat made from drying the fruit of cocoa plants. It is grounded into a paste with sugar, oil and cocoa nibs to make a decadent spread that can be used for various dishes. The best chocolate spread is made from organic cocoa beans ((sans any sugar) and can be eaten with bread, toast and other similar food products, including pancakes, waffles, and muffins. It can also be used in cakes and bakery products to give it an extra chocolate boost. A chocolate spread, although tastes and smells like chocolate, can be stored at a room temperature as it doesn’t solidify, which makes it easy to eat whenever you want.
Is chocolate spread good for you?
Chocolate spreads are healthy in small amounts. It cannot be considered as a health food but can be consumed along with foods that have a high nutrient density like fruits and whole grains. You can find different varieties of chocolate spreads in India, including chocolate peanut butter spread and chocolate hazelnut spread.
What is the healthiest chocolate spread?
Chocolate spreads infused with nuts like almonds, peanuts or hazelnuts are considered healthiest. Spreads made from organically-grown cocoa is as healthy as a chocolate spread can get. However, whether or not chocolate spread is healthy for you; depends on your lifestyle.

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