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Ingredients -Roasted Almonds, Cranberries, Roasted Sesame Seeds, Roasted Flaxseeds

We’ve made the perfectly portioned packs of crunchy hand picked nuts to make snacking fun and easy. Each pack contains a delectable combination of nuts, seeds, berries and more – calorie counted to give you your one serving per day.

Packed for good health and with no added preservatives, sugar, colours or any other nasties. As they say, a nut mix a day…

The convenient single serve trail mix sachets make them easy to carry – to work, in the car, to school, to the gym, with lunch, for yoga, in a flight, on a boat, on vacation, on a bike ride, to a meeting, to a hike – basically everywhere. It’s the perfect nutty snack on-the-go!

Package Includes: Box of 6 x 25g Single serve packs

Tip: Add this pack to your salad or stir fried dishes for added flavour!

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