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Signature Almond Box of 4


Honey Almond Butter x 200g
Unsweetened Almond Butter Creamy x 200g
Blanched Unsweetened Almond Butter Crunchy x 200g
Flaxseed Almond Butter x 200g

There’s no better feeling than spreading health, love and luck to everyone around! Which is why we thought we’ll make it easier for you. Whatever the occasion – our handcrafted gift boxes with two delectable nut butters, tied together with a luxurious bow – will put a smile on anyones face.
Customise your box : Have any favourites? You can customise your Almond and Peanut flavours in the box. Place your order and drop us a mail on with your Order Number to do so.

Add a note : Special occasion or just want to say something sweet? Place your order and drop us a mail on with your message and Order Number and we’ll pop it right in the box

For Bulk & Corporate Orders Drop us a mail on or call on 9867610901

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