Jaggery Almond Butter


A little sweet, a lot healthy! The Almond Butter with Jaggery is sweetened with natural palm jaggery and contains no refined sugar.

It is :
• High Protein
• Contains No Refined Sugar
• Contains No Added Oil
• Made with raw palm jaggery
• Gluten Free
• Dairy Free & Vegan
• Has 0% Cholesterol and 0% Trans Fat
• Contains Essential Vitamins and Minerals
• Good source of Fiber and Vitamin E
• Easy to spread, scoop or blend!
• Storage: Refrigerate once opened to preserve freshness.

How to eat:
Spread on toast
Drizzle over pancakes
Scoop into smoothies
Cook with it
Top it on your dessert
Flavour your cakes
Straight out of the jar!

Ingredients: Almonds, Jaggery, Sea Salt
Note: Oil Separation is a natural process. Stir it back in and enjoy as usual!