How to do a Sugar Detox: Things To Do To Kick The Sugar Habit

Sugar is sweet to taste and very, very troublesome to digest for the human body. We understand how difficult it can be to get off the sugar fixation simply because sugar can turn into addiction more than any condiment.

Just the way salt was supposed to add flavour, sugar, initially was meant to do the same. Rampant commercialism and the need for processed & packaged foods have turned sugar into more than just something that adds sweetness to taste. It is now an important component to preserve certain types of foods, and the quantity of sugar needed for this is considerably high per serving.

Planning, committing, and making a firm decision to get rid of all the sugary junk in the house is step one for any sugar detox. However, this seems a lot easier said done and very difficult to pull off for most households because there is always something or the other around the house which is high in sugar content and not healthy to eat.

So what we have in store for you is advice on what you can do in and around the house that will help you to not fixate on sugar or sugary foods too much and in fact, help you to kick the sugar habit easily and in a sustainable manner.

Things You Can Do To Kick Your Sugar Habit

  • H2O over Absolutely Anything

Water is what you should be drinking all the time over absolutely anything else. Make way for water and drink plenty of water often. By doing this, you will automatically not crave sugary sodas, aerated waters, fruit juices, energy drinks and other such liquids, which taste great but are usually filled with almost quarter of their portion size with sugar.

  • Consume Healthy Fat

Increase your healthy fat content in your meal programs. This will automatically fill you up for much longer after every meal and is also known to help reduce any sugar craving residue that you may have after you’ve eaten. Examples of healthy fat include avocado, unsweetened coconut, ghee, nuts, berries, and seeds.

  • Fruit is Fine

Fresh fruit is possibly one of nature’s easiest ways of helping you kick the sugar craving. Fresh fruit is usually sweet, is packed with fibre and is healthy thanks to the ton of nutrients and other healthy vitamins & minerals that it contains. Most people should consume at least 1-2 servings of fresh fruit a day as part of a balanced diet, and it is a great dessert alternative.

  • Power-Packed Protein Brekkies

Getting a good hit of protein early in the morning helps you to ward off any unwanted sugar cravings and also helps you to detox easier once you’ve made up your mind to kick the sugar rush habit. Make sure you’re eating enough protein at breakfast. What you eat at breakfast influences the rest of the day. Aim for at least 30 grams of protein at breakfast to keep you satiated and stable.

Check out this unsweetened peanut butter that includes dry-roasted peanuts and is high in protein.

  • Carb Complexities

Carbs are good when consumed within reason, and like any other food group, they should never be completely eliminated from your meal plans, even to accommodate strict and specific diets. Carbs not only help you function and mentally stimulate you throughout the day, but they also reduce the sugar craving, more usually than not by replacing it with starch and fibre content in the body.

Stay away from refined, simple carbohydrates like pasta, bread, and sugar which can spike and crash your blood sugar. Sweet potato, instead, is a great source of complex carbs and an ideal snack to satiate hunger cravings.

  • Healthy Snacking Scenes

Let’s be honest, it is hard to say no to a bar of chocolate, or a cookie, or a packet of chips, or a…. the list is neverending. But, if you have decided to kick the sweet craving, you also need to get rid of all the junk; first from your mind, then from your body, and lastly, and most importantly, from the house. If you stay prepped with healthy, low-sugar snacks, you won’t be reaching out for packaged goods and sugary treats any longer.

Here are some healthier snack options that you can opt for instead.

  • Sayonara to Stress

Stress can cause you to crave sugary and deep-fried foods and hence the term stress-eating. It is bad enough that stress affects other parts of the body including vital organs. So, the last thing you need is for it to affect your waistline and sugar content as well.

Stress also depletes the body of important nutrients like magnesium and vitamins, which can spike your sugar cravings. So, be calm & relax, this will help you to stay away from sugar, and you won’t crave junk.

  • Sleep Some More

Sleep deprivation leads to cravings for calorie-intense foods. And we already know that most sugary foods and drinks are calorie intense. A single night of poor sleep is known to reduce insulin sensitivity the next day, and this tends to have a direct effect on the stability of your blood sugar levels. To compensate for this, the body then craves carbs & sugars in all forms to bring about a balance in the blood sugar levels.

To sum up;

You now have a few sure-fire ways to help you get over the curve and bring your sugar cravings to a minimum if not a complete detox. We wish you all the very best in your journey to bid adieu to added & unnatural sugars and foods, snacks & beverages packed with the same.

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