Cashew Butter: Nutrition, Health Benefits, And Diet

Cashew Butter: Nutrition, Health Benefits, And Diet

A boring meal can become interesting instantly with just a spoonful of cashew butter. Cashew butter is a nutrient rich nut butter relished the world over. Nut butter lovers are very well acquainted with the health benefits and flavour of cashew butter. It provides us with 12% of our daily fat requirement and 8% of daily saturated fat. However, it contains less fat than most nuts. It is naturally sweet and can be made from roasted or raw cashews. Cashew butter is super awesome as it can be used to thicken and flavour sauces, soups and also fruit shakes! (who knew?)

It is believed that cashew butter lacks the Omega 3 fatty acids. Though this may be true, it is a folly to believe that cashew butter is of no good. Cashew butter comes enriched with proteins, vitamin E, calcium, iron, riboflavin and more. It contains a balanced amount of oleic acid (healthy fats) that our bodies require. A spoonful of cashew butter can make your meal nutritious and dense.

Like most nut butter, cashew butter too contains unsaturated fats. These fats are necessary for your body and can also be included in your everyday diet. They are helpful in fighting the development of cholesterol levels in the body, protecting you from cardiac arrests. Cashew Butter may have less protein as compared to peanut butter but is still regarded a good source of protein. If you don’t consume meat or consume less of it, a spoonful of cashew butter should do the deal for you.

Here are a few ways to get the most of your cashew butter:

  1. If you are concerned about your sodium intake, then it is suggested to eat unsalted butter. Sodium-free unsalted cashew butter is healthier as it contains 26% of the daily value of sodium. It is advised to eat cashew butter in moderation because of its highly rich calorie and fat content. A thin layer of cashew on some bagel can turn out to be just the satisfying snack you have been looking for.
  2. There are two broad types of cashew butter, raw and salted. If we had to compare the health benefits of the two, cashew butter, made from raw cashews, succeeds effortlessly. Raw cashew butter supplements the body with large amounts of nutrients as compared to roasted or salted cashew butter. Unsalted cashew butter contains almost no sodium and cholesterol.

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