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Is Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Good for You?

You may have eaten hazelnuts in cakes, chocolates and even ice cream. But what are hazelnuts and why do they taste so yummy? Filbert/cobnut, commonly known as Hazelnut, is found on the Corylus tree. These nuts can be eaten raw, roasted or you can make a paste out of them. Or much better, you could turn them into a chocolate hazelnut spread. Hazelnuts are not only delicious but also rich […]

Top Foods for Instant Energy

Do you also feel the drain after you’ve stepped into the house after a long working day? Unnecessarily fatigued even though you may not have done too much to stay active? Lazy and immobile at an odd hour of the day when you should ideally be active and bustling? All of these could be symptoms […]

Nuts About Coconuts

No ifs and no buts when you are presented with…you guessed it right…the simple coconut. Are you nuts about coconut? Can you never get enough of it? Love it in your food or as the food itself? Then this article is perfect for you as we take you on a culinary journey explaining all about […]

The Clean Eating Conundrum

Clean eating is not a fad or a lifestyle diet. It is essentially a way of life that comprises certain facets that include a healthy and nutritious way of eating as well as overall functioning. It is largely practiced to help stay healthy but also to stay happy and contented with what life has to […]

Probiotic Foods and Their Benefits

The concept of probiotics or probiotic food is a fairly nascent introduction to the Indian mindsets, however, they have been a part of Indian diets since almost time immemorial. Once again, we have waited for this kind of food group to trend elsewhere in the West before we have realized just how much closer to […]

Things That All Almond Butter Fans Swear By!

Almond Butter Is Healthy

Don’t we all love a spoonful of almond butter tossed over our oatmeal breakfast or blended smoothly with a glassful of milk, to energize us for a long day at work? How about some crunchy almond butter served with vanilla ice-cream to simply unwind? Packed with flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, almond butter keeps the heart […]

The Science behind Protein Intake

We already know how essential protein is to the human body. Regular and consistent intake of protein helps build blocks for organs, muscles, skin, and even hormones. Additionally, the human body needs protein to maintain and repair tissues. Protein also aids in muscle recovery, especially for athletes and those who have labour-intensive and strenuous hobbies […]

14 Surprising Health Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter

Health Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter

No matter your age, gender, size or country, there is one thing everyone universally agrees on there is no barrier that can restrict anyone from indulging in peanut butter! It is an anytime snacking option with a high nutritional value and gives your tastebuds something to cheer about. Natural peanut butter contains carbohydrates, fibre, fat […]

Interesting Things You Can Do With Peanut Butter

Healthy Ways To Use Peanut Butter

As you know, there is no such thing as ‘too much peanut butter’. How can anyone ignore the goodness of natural peanut butter no matter what your preference is? Peanut butter can be incorporated in our diet in so many amazing ways it’s strange to think that many of us aren’t doing it already. Also, […]

The Top 5 Seeds to include in your Day and Diet

Having a seed-based diet has quite suddenly become the rage and like-minded, fitness-conscious people are flocking the isles of supermarkets purchasing these innocuous seeds to include in their diet. And why not? Seeds are a great form of nutrients for plants. They have all the necessary ingredients that help shoots and seedlings start blossoming into […]

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