Best ways to use nut butters in Indian recipes

Nut Butters have slowly but surely started causing an impact in how they are perceived across the culinary world. Their rich creamy and decadent texture and flavours are a primary reason why they are becoming inclusions of choice in food cuisines around the globe. The biggest chefs are favouring nut butters to make their food more exciting, contemporary and most importantly healthier than traditional butter, oil and clarified butter usage. In fact it is now very much just a fallacy that nut butters are best used only for spreading on slices of bread or fruit depending on what your tastes are.

India’s constant infatuation with foreign cuisines and its indelible appetite to bring every fad from across the continents to its shores is what initially set the nut butter wagon rolling within the country. However, since then, more and more people have awoken to nut butters being not just the healthier option but also the infinitely tastier option. It is little surprise then that nut butters have found their way into the heart and soul of Indian cooking as well and are very much here to stay. Instead of giving you recipes this time, we’ll tell you how to use different nut butters in the most basic Indian food groups.


Kick start your day with a dose of healthy energy when you swirl some almond butter into your morning oatmeal or add nut butter to a batch of freshly made parathas. Treat yourself occasionally to some almond butter covered rotis heated from the night before. That extra crunch you get for texture will make you enjoy the stale roti even more. For those who like their brekkie more savoury than sweet, there is always this easy to make and easier to love spicy peanut chutney which forms an ideal accompaniment to dip just about anything into it. Have a look.

Spicy Peanut Chutney

Salad Dressings

Now this is a match made in culinary healthy eating heaven. Nut butters have a magical yet very real ability to turn simple Indian salads from mundane to My God! A cashew butter dressing filled with yumminess and goodness over your regular vegetable salad or then an almond butter dressing over a simple yet wholesome sprout salad makes everything just seem more alive and right with the world.

The Main Course

We’ve already told you about nut butter uses in sauces and gravies. The sky’s the limit when it comes to using nut butters in your main dish meals, from a vegetable-cashew korma or a tantalising butter chicken or paneer gravy with a dollop of rich and decadent cashew butter. You could even drizzle your favourite lentil dishes and Maake hath ki daal and rajma with your favourite kind of nut butters rather than use heavy cream, ghee or butter. The taste will be better and the (negative) health impact will be lesser as well.


Ask any child in the house [or even the young at heart adult] and they’ll tell you that snacks are an important part of their culinary journey through the day. Snacks need to be yummy, made with complete abandon and even naughty sometimes to be best enjoyed. Just like a freshly fried batch of decadent peanut butter tikkis or a spicy peanut chutney chaat or then some fruit and vegetable slices grilled in nut butter, or even raw and dipped into a nut butter of your choice. BRB – Salivating now!


Desserts are an integral part of the Indian culinary scene and nut butters are slowly but surely integrating themselves as great accompaniments to make or serve with Indian desserts. Contemporary chefs make traditional Indian mithai such as ladoos and barfis using different nut butters all the time; especially cashew butter due to its rich and sweet taste and almond butter thanks to its decadent flavour. Try experimenting with the Peanut Butter Besan Ladoos or the Cashew Butter Rose Barfi. And meanwhile, take a look at this festival favourite Jaggery Boondi Ladoo recipe to understand what we mean.

Jaggery Boondi Ladoo

Everyday Cooking

Cashew butter, with its mild flavour, is perhaps the most versatile of all the nut butters. Use it to make your soups and curries richer and creamier. Or just simply make a variety of Indian sauces or chutneys with peanut butter.

These are just some of the many ways you can use nut butters even in Indian cuisine. However nut butter use is best optimised when sourced from nut butter making experts. And it does not get better than The Butternut Company who with its exclusive range of nut butters is quite simply your go to brand in your nearest super market.

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