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Did you know in Australia, butter is spread over bread, then topped with colourful sugary sprinkles? This concoction is called Fairy Bread and it is a popular feature in kids’ birthday parties. Did you also know that in Russia and Poland, instead of chocolate bunnies, people carve butter into various shapes of lamb during Easter? It is interesting to know how butter finds itself being a part of various cultures all over the world. Nut butters such as peanut, almond and cashew butter are not far behind either. People are experimenting with various recipes in different cultures and making these healthy butters a part of their food fare. Let’s have a look at how nut butters are being used world over!

Peanut butter:

The world’s largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich, made in Grand Saline, T.X., weighed 1,342 pounds. Clearly a favourite snack of many, peanuts and peanut butter is one of the most popular of the nut butters that exist.
We all have a specific taste in mind when it comes to peanut butter. But it isn’t necessarily the same taste world over! Classic Peanut Butter means different things to people world over.
A popular snack in Haiti known as mamba, is spicy. Many Haitians abroad find other peanut butters bland compared to their beloved mamba.

Dutch like to spread pindakaas (literal: peanut cheese; actual: peanut butter) on bread and top it with chocolate, licorice or fruity sprinkles called hagelslag.
However, peanut butter is a definite favourite in Thai cuisine. It is used in their traditional satays where spicy sauce made from peanut butter is spread over meat like chicken and pork on skewers. It is also used in the dressing of the Thai favorite raw papaya salad, Thai curry and spicy pad Thai noodles.

Almond butter:

One superstition holds that eating almonds before drinking reduces the chances of getting drunk and having a hangover. A global remedy that increasingly takes this nut to the top of the priority list for most teenagers! Sweden employs the almond as a symbol of good fortune at Christmas time, serving rice pudding with an almond hidden in one of the servings. The one who finds it is promised an especially good year.

And it is a well-known fact that Indians love almonds and this nut finds its way into numerous traditions, ceremonies and recipes in India. Hence, it was only a matter of time before almond butter featured in Indian cuisine. People looking for healthy yet delicious options have started experimenting with almond butter in various dishes such as tandoori cauliflower or brocolli with almond butter and almond butter chicken curry. The all-time favorite Goan coconut curry can also be made with almond butter. Adding this nut butter to curries is said to help the gravy reach the correct consistency and texture and hence we can see why this ingredient is likely to be a hit in Indian cooking!

Cashew Butter:

Cashews in general find their way into global cuisines with ease. Filipino desserts such as torrones de casuy, salted and roasted nuts in Indonesia’s kacang mete, and as powdered nuts with mashed potatoes in the Mozambique specialty bolo polana.

Cashew butter is gaining popularity in Italian cuisine especially where pasta recipes are concerned. It is a great ingredient if you want to make your pasta creamy but healthy and a good way to make your dish vegan. Cashew butter blends well with tomato sauce to make delicious pasta in pink sauce and even goes well with pasta and vegetables tossed in olive oil.

With Veganism gaining popularity world over; people have begun to use it as the closest dairy alternative. Its mild flavor and creamy texture sets it apart from other nut butters, and it is perhaps the most versatile of all the nut butters. Most vegans use it to make vegan cream cheese, sour cream, and mayonnaise!

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