5 Interesting Ways To Surprise Your Valentine

Nut Butter Gift Box

Never has Valentine’s Day been filled with such a blend of excitement and anxiety. Wine or chocolates, roses or gift hampers? Dinner or a holiday, spa day or a movie date? With so many choices for gifting and special ways to celebrate love, you don’t want to stick with the regular cliché. Here’s our five picks for interesting ways to surprise your Valentine, this time.

Dinner for Two, Home-cooked

Booking a table for two at a fancy restaurant is quite easy and done a million times before. So, why not bring out the ‘masterchef’ in you? If you’re not someone who enjoys cooking, most probably all you know is how to make a vegetable sandwich. And now’s your chance to give your partner an amazing surprise! Take a class at a cooking school; prepare a three-course gourmet meal with a starter, main course and desert and Bon Appetit! You can buy almond butter to add a tasty twist to your food or as a dollop on the dessert.

Bake a Cake together

Buy two chef hats, baking essentials and ingredients. Baking a cake is not all that difficult. Browse through the Internet and you’ll find hundreds of recipes. And of course, there’s Youtube – the best baking school one could find. Make it a nutty affair. Bake a roasted almond and chocolate cake. Here’s a great tip: buy almond butter and use it instead of the regular butter, for more flavours.

Spa and Makeover time

Visiting the spa and getting a makeover is no longer reserved for weddings or festivals. Valentine’s Day is a good reason to go for a complete makeover. A new haircut, a spa session, with a head massage and facial – personalize the makeover with things that both your partner and you, will love. And relax!

Getaway for Quality time

Get over the quiet candlelight dinners and crowded Valentine’s gigs in the city and take a trip out of the city for some ‘quality time together’. A getaway from busy schedules and noisy surroundings will do any couple good. If you are the energetic type of couple, go in for adventure sports or go hiking. If you prefer cooler weather, visit a hill station, and enjoy some of our almond butter sachet boxes by a campfire.

Wrap a Healthy Goodie bag

There are couple goals… and then, there are couple health goals. You do care about your partner’s health, but often wonder how you could make sure she/he lives a healthier lifestyle. Here’s how: Put together a healthy goodie bag. Buy a pair of running shoes, a skipping rope, nutrition bars and other healthy foods such as almond butter. The Butternut Co.’s Valentine Gift Box of four assorted nut butter jars is a must, as it includes the best almond butter in India. What’s more? It’s ruby red!

Since you’re spoilt for choice, you know this one is going to be a good one. We know your partner is special to you, and your Valentine’s Day should be too!

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