4 Surprising Health Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter

Health Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter

No matter your age, gender, size or country, there is one thing everyone universally agrees on there is no barrier that can restrict anyone from indulging in peanut butter! It is an anytime snacking option with a high nutritional value, and gives your tastebuds something to cheer about. Natural peanut butter contains carbohydrates, fibre, fat and a high protein content, making it an excellent choice for fitness addicts as well as people who want a quick boost of energy on a busy day.

Healthy peanut butter options have become a popular choice, because of the changing nature of how people are treating their food habits and bodies. Natural peanut butter is a great alternative to regular butter which contains sodium and even hydrogenated oils.

While experts on fitness websites have recommended peanut butter for all kinds of fitness related goals, here are a few surprising facts about peanut butter nutrition for you:

  1. No saturated fats:
    Peanut butter contains zero saturated fats which ensures that your heart is safe, strong and pumping blood normally. The fat content in peanut butter is equal to that found in olive oil, which adds to its attractiveness as a healthy option. Presence of unsaturated fats helps lower bad cholesterol in the body too. The Butternut Co. has a wide range of peanut butters packed with the goodness of organic nutrients, without the side-effects of preservatives and unhealthy processing.
  2. High in potassium and magnesium:
    Potassium is a heart-friendly element found in high quantity in peanut butter. It acts as an electrolyte in the bloodstream and balances fluids in the body. It is essential to maintain a smooth flow of fluids without pressurizing the heart, unlike sodium.Magnesium helps control blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels as well as muscle, immunity and bone development in humans.
  3. Reduces chances of gallstones:
    Natural peanut butter helps reduce the risk of gallstones in the body, especially for women. Gallstones are caused due to a faulty diet, lack of fluid intake, hormonal pills, obesity and certain types of cholesterol-related drugs. Gallstones are a painful condition that can be avoided with appropriate intake of peanut butter.
  4. Prevents cancer:
    Perhaps one of the greatest discoveries related to peanut butter nutrition, is its ability to prevent many kinds of cancers in humans, especially colon, breast, and prostate cancer. Peanut butter contains Beta-sitosterol, a substance that is known to control the formation and spread of cancerous cells, according to multiple studies. Healthy peanut butter usage like peanut butter and banana milkshake, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, etc. can help in a big way, in the fight against cancer. We have a lot to thank the humble peanut for making our strolls on the beach, picnic baskets and movie outings, a lot more enjoyable. As a parent, businessman or working professional, the demands of daily life are unrelenting. Give yourself the advantage with peanut butter, a superfood that gives you a healthy dose of energy that lasts throughout the day – a charger for the battery of your body, if you will!

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